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Super Techie Coder Challenge – Wind-ups GP32

Congratulations! This submission has made it into the top 3. Screen name: Arturo Fernandez-Sanchez (karthur) Title/Functional role: I.T. Manager Project title: Wind-ups GP32 Time to complete : 4 years Project details: Four years ago, ebook reading devices like Kindle didn’t … Continue reading

Updated list of DRM-free publishers

I’ve examined all the listings in the DRM-free publishers index and: Categorized the publishers, broadly, by genre Indicated whether their ebooks are available as ePub Both tasks were surprisingly hard: many of these publishers accept works from a variety of … Continue reading

Practical ePub metadata: Authorship

The ePub format allows for a fairly comprehensive set of book-friendly metadata, mostly drawn from the Dublin Core set of terms. Knowing what metadata to use and how it will appear in today’s and tomorrow’s readers is key; here are … Continue reading

Threepress world tour ’09-10

Here’s a roundup of upcoming talks at various publishing conferences: Digital Book World January 27, 2010 When digital books account for 10% or more of revenue, indifferent third-party conversions aren’t enough. I’ll be presenting a plenary session on taking ebook … Continue reading

From the archives: The lazy, social, anti-DRM pattern for ebooks

This post from August 2008 contains some my thinking at the time about how to make ebook reading and shopping experiences more social. I’m surprised that none of it has happened yet; even the limited lending feature of the B&N … Continue reading

Super Techie Coder Challenge – IFrame Shim

Screen name: jking Title/Functional role: Programmer Project title: IFrame Shim Time to complete : Years to discover – a few hours to complete. Project details: This isn’t a submission about some huge unsung project, but rather a small technical contribution … Continue reading

Super Techie Coder Challenge – Sahi

Congratulations! This submission has made it into the top 3. Screen name: Narayan Title/Functional role: Developer Company name: Sahi Software Project title: Sahi Time to complete : 4 years Project details: Sahi is an automation tool to test web applications. … Continue reading

Choosing InDesign ePub output options

InDesign CS4 is one of the most popular tools for creating ePubs, but the range of options it provides when exporting can confound many users. While I’m not a wizened InDesign expert, I have accumulated a set of choices for … Continue reading

Vertical text in ePub/CSS: not there yet

Languages aren’t just written right-to-left or left-to-right, of course. They can also be written top-to-bottom, as in Chinese. How can you indicate that a block of text should be rendered vertically rather than horizontally? In ePub, you can’t. I was … Continue reading

Three useful XML schemas in publishing

If I say that a document is in “XML”, I’m not really saying anything very specific. All I’ve told you is that the document has some text wrapped in various angle-brackets, and that those angle-brackets are “well-formed.” A well-formed XML … Continue reading

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