Video – Favorites Folders

This Safari Books Online tutorial was designed to help you learn more about the features of our platform and to enhance your Safari Books Online experience. Use the Safari Books Online Favorites Folders feature to create and name your own folders so that you can organize the information that you use the most—it’s like building a personalized library. Learn how by watching this video.


If you have trouble viewing the video, please access it directly via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAFTZATyuKQ

About Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online is an online learning library that provides access to thousands of technical, engineering, business, and digital media books and training videos. Get the latest information on topics like Windows 8, Android Development, iOS Development, Cloud Computing, HTML5, and so much more – sometimes even before the book is published or on bookshelves. Learn something new today with a free subscription to Safari Books Online.

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