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10 More New Books Added to Safari Books Online

Here are just 10 of the 158 new books that were added into Safari Books Online during the past few weeks.

David Busch’s Flash Photography
 Architectural Photography, Second Edition
 The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques
 Improving Business Performance With Lean
 Brilliant Leader 2e, 2nd Edition
 The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing: Grow Your List, Break the Rules, and Win
 Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting
 Super Freedom: Create a Worry-Free Financial Future in 6 Steps
 Guide to Investment Strategy: How to Understand Markets, Risk, Rewards and Behaviour
 Moods and Markets: A New Way to Invest in Good Times and in Bad

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