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How to Create HTML Labels in SVG Using D3

A guest post by John Williams, a web developer who has worked for media, education, and government organizations for seventeen years. For the last seven, he has been working for NewCity in Blacksburg, VA, assisting with several data visualization projects … Continue reading

Build a Brackets Extension

A guest post by Ingo Richter, a Computer Scientist/Web P&A with Adobe Systems who is currently working on Brackets and you can find him @ingorichter. In the first part of this series of blog posts, I gave you an overview … Continue reading

Introducing Brackets – An Open Source Code Editor for Web Developers

A guest post by Ingo Richter, a Computer Scientist/Web P&A with Adobe Systems who is currently working on Brackets and you can find him @ingorichter. Creating content for the web is mostly done in people’s favorite editor. Some prefer a … Continue reading

Introduction to HTTP Compression Using ASP.NET

A guest post by Dean Hume, a software developer and techie living in London, is also the author of Fast ASP.NET Websites, a Manning book aimed at improving the performance of high transaction websites. If you dive a little deeper … Continue reading

Scraping HTML Table Data in Clojure for Profit

A guest post by Timothy Pratley, who currently works for Tideworks Technology as a Development Manager building Traffic Control software for logistics clients including SSA Marine, CSX, and BNSF. There is a vast amount of useful data on the Web … Continue reading

Best of Safari Blog – Top 5 Blog Posts for October 2012

In case you missed these blog posts when they were first published… here are five of the Best of Safari Blog posts that are bubbling to the top as the most popular for October 2012.

MCRooster: A PhoneGap Application with a Single Codebase

Minecraft has a day/night cycle that is twenty minutes long. Day lasts for ten minutes, then there is a ninety second dusk, followed by night for seven minutes, and then a ninety-second dawn before the next day. Unless you’re playing … Continue reading

Build a Mobile Dude App with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile

Dipping my toes into mobile app development has been on my to-do list for long enough that I feel like I’ve missed the boat. Not that there aren’t enough boats to go around. But when I heard about PhoneGap, I … Continue reading

PhoneGap: Storing and Retrieving with the FileSystem

PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, is a framework for building mobile apps using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It allows web developers to leverage their existing skills in the exciting world of mobile development. PhoneGap provides an execution environment for … Continue reading

iPhone HTML 5 Apps! What's Going on Under the Hood by Brian Jepson, Senior Editor, O'Reilly Media

Last week, Financial Times launched their new app, but it’s not a traditional app. When you visit Financial Times on an iOS device, it asks if you want to switch to their new app, which is written with HTML 5, … Continue reading

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