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Counting Down the Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

It’s been an exciting year! From Responsive Web Design to jQuery Mobile, we’ve published a lot of great tips and tricks for developers in our Safari Books Online blog. Here we’ve compiled our most popular posts of 2012, along with … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile and Maps

The combination of a mobile device and maps seems to be a perfect match. Until the release of Google Maps API in June 2005, mapping solutions were expensive and complicated. The API has had three major releases since then with … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile Debugging Tips

Some times debugging jQuery Mobile can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you through the debugging process. Use an analog It is difficult to debug jQuery Mobile on a mobile browser, but you can use an analog. … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile Performance Improvement

There are times when jQuery Mobile can seem a bit sluggish. If this is happening to your app, don’t worry, there is help available. Here are some tips that can put a spring back into your app’s steps. Upgrade jQuery … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile Scrolling

jQuery Mobile, JQM, is a great cross-platform web development framework, but it isn’t perfect. Its need to be cross-platform limits its ability to do a few things, such as interior scrolling. Native applications can easily do interior scrolling. Android and … Continue reading

11 New Titles Added to Safari Books Online

Here are 11 of the 24 new titles that were added into Safari Books Online during the past week. Title: Learning Android Application Programming for the Kindle Fire: A Hands-On Guide to Building Your First Android Application By: Lauren Darcey; … Continue reading

Tip: Changing the Mobile Dude App Name

Back in my Build a Mobile Dude App with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile post I walked you through the creation of my mobile Dude app using PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile. I realized after I had started that I had given … Continue reading

Build a Mobile Dude App with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile

Dipping my toes into mobile app development has been on my to-do list for long enough that I feel like I’ve missed the boat. Not that there aren’t enough boats to go around. But when I heard about PhoneGap, I … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile Tip: Write Your Own List View Filter Function

Let’s take a look at another jQuery Mobile tip that can help you when developing your list views. By using the data-filter=”true” attribute to add a search filter box to a list view, you make it easier for users to … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile Tip: Styling List Views

I covered the topic of jQuery Mobile list views in the jQuery Mobile: Getting the Most from List Views post, and in this tip we will look at how to style list views, starting with inset lists. Inset Lists If … Continue reading

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